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12 Brilliant Ways to Decorate Blank Wall | AllHome.com.ph

Jul 19, 2021

Do you have that one plain wall in your house that seems so lifeless? You can’t think or decide what is perfect to put on it because the ideas in your head are just endless? The long thinking is over because in this article, AllHome is bringing you 12 brilliant ideas that you can use to brighten that wall using items that you already own or with the help of things that you can find in AllHome furniture stores.

Showcase your collection

Surely, most of us are collecting something in our lives. It can be mugs or decorative plates you got as souvenirs from different places you’ve been to, or figurines like the famous Funko Pops. The things we choose to collect matter to us and are part of our identity, thus it will be worth showing off to people who are visiting your house so they can get to know you more. The perfect place to put them? On a display shelf like this one from AllHome furniture pushed against your plain wall. It can be an open display shelf or closed off with glass to prevent dust from dirtying your collection.

Put Up a Book Corner

A dream for all book lovers is to have a book corner. Where better place to showcase them than your plain wall? Achieve this dream with AllHome furniture! We know that you want to show off your favorite books and maybe inspire visitors into reading them when they see it on your wall. You can make use of the regular bookshelves like this one, or defy the regular designs of bookshelves with this one that has slanted shelvings–just like how your favorite book protagonists defy the system.

Float them Shelves

More about shelvings, instead of putting a whole cabinet, you can hang shelves using planks you can get from AllHome furniture. On top of these shelves, you can display different items like your collectibles, books, and photos. You can even make it into a mini-bar. Have the wine bottles displayed on top of the shelves, and place a cart that stores wine glasses under the shelf. The advantage of floating shelves is that you can fill up that wall space without adding too much visual clutter.

Plant it up

When livening up any space, your green friends can do the job! Not only will it beautify your plain wall, but it will help improve the air circulation in your area. You can place potted plants on shelves, or hang them on the wall with hanging pots. You can also get tall potted plants and place them on the ground. The quantity of your plants doesn’t have to be a lot. The trick in making this work is by ensuring that the colors of the pots complement one another and that spaces between each plant are even.

Work that Art

When someone is asked what’s great to put for beautifying an area, an art piece will mostly be the first that comes to mind. Choose among different sizes of artworks that you can find in AllHome furniture. Better yet, put together different art pieces especially for big blank walls, as one piece of art may be swallowed by the wall. While at it, make sure that the color palette of your chosen art compliments the surroundings so it won’t be a visual chaos.

Revamp those Old Clothes

AllHome knows that decorating does not have to be expensive, so if you’re on a budget, AllHome furniture still has your back! Instead of buying artworks, you can create your own decorations with old scarves or other cloth with the prints you would like to see on your wall. Simply frame the design you like with picture frames and hang it on the wall.

Keep Love in Photographs

For a more meaningful work of art, hang up your memories with people you love by putting them in a picture frame. If a few photos aren’t enough, AllHome furniture approves of making a gallery wall of the memorable events in your life. Doing so will not only fill up that plain wall but will also fill up your heart as you take a stroll down the memory lane every time you pass by your photo wall.

Add Shine with a Mirror

Not inclined on having any images on your wall? A mirror is also a good decoration. Make a statement with it by choosing one that has a beautiful frame like this one from AllHome furniture. An additional benefit to filling up your empty wall is that it can brighten a dim room and seemingly widen a small space because of how it reflects light.

Accentuate that Wall

You can also make do of applying paints or wallpapers in brightening up that one boring wall. The use of bold colors or paint techniques for creating an accent wall can add personality to a space. AllHome furniture found that having an accent wall also helps in creating the illusion of a bigger space in a room. Not feeling like painting? Putting up wallpapers to cover your walls can do the trick!

And We Add a Quote

A nice approach in filling up a wall while still keeping a minimalist theme is putting writing on the wall. You can write your favorite quote that will inspire you every time you pass by it. This is very simple, yet will be so nice to look at. You can even easily do this with just paint and a brush.

Hook them Up

Decorations to liven up a blank wall do not only have to be beautiful, it can also be functional! Try adding hooks on the wall which you can use to hang your belongings. Spice it up by painting a horizontal line on where you will align the hooks or on a plank of wood with a different color from the wall before hanging it to keep it from being plain still.

Let’s Get Down to Household Business

Another one on functional decoration is creating a to-do list board on the wall. It can serve as a family planner where you can see which household member is assigned to do a specific task. AllHome furniture deems this great to remind us of our responsibilities as a part of a household that we may tend to forget when things get busy in our own personal lives. Do one using a whiteboard or a chalkboard that you can write on with a marker or chalk, respectively.

As we mentioned in the beginning, the ideas in filling up a blank space are ENDLESS. Try out the ideas presented in this article on the different blank walls in your house and see for yourself how emptiness can be transformed into something that fills up your spirits.

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