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This Design Collaboration Will Elevate Your Home

Mar 07, 2020

On February 18, AllHome released its latest collection, a highly anticipated collaboration with principal designer, Nix Alañon of Phoenix Home.

Displaying the style and sophistication that Alañon’s designs have become known for, the collection is evocative of the chic midcentury style but with updated silhouettes. Thanks to its beautiful and versatile pieces, the Phoenix Home x AllHome collection can suit practically any type of home.

Being a long-time customer himself, Alañon was excited to build a working partnership with AllHome. The designer proudly states that he “even furnished homes that I designed using their products.”

Alañon and the home improvement brand officially began their collab in 2019, spending a whole month to come up with the concepts for the pieces. Musing on the style direction it took, he says, “I’m drawn to the midcentury style of furniture as you can see with the shapes, they’re a little rounded. It’s sort of modernizing classic shapes. I try not to go over the edge when I design and still make it sophisticated.”

Elaborating further about how his design principles shaped the collection, Alañon explains, “The collection is meant to last. Regardless of how many years pass, each piece will still look good.”

Thanks to the subtle elegance of the designs, the furniture can seamlessly blend into any home. The palette is made up of gray, beige, blue-gray, taupe, and other muted colors as Alañon wanted to provide a clean canvas for homeowners to work with. The color choices have other practical reasons too. “You can’t use white for furniture because it will get dirty easily, so a good gray, beige, or taupe will work. I like blue-gray because it becomes a completely different shade. For example, when you make it light, it becomes cooler.”

Sprucing up your space doesn’t require major renovations. So before shelling out for that, Alañon advises doing minor tweaks such as reupholstering furniture and adding accents such as throw pillows to create a new look. He also suggests using the smaller tables from the AllHome collab to accessorize the home. “You can use [small tables] in any part of the room. [It’s so versatile that] it could be a cocktail table or an extra seat.”

When asked what’s the most important tip for interior decorating, he says, “You just have to enjoy the process! If it makes you happy, then that’s all that matters. [There’s no such thing as] design mistakes because each designer has their own style. It’s your house and there are no rules!”

You can start shopping the Phoenix Home x AllHome collection exclusively at the Evia Lifestyle Center branch. For more information, check out AllHome’s social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.


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