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Creating a pet-friendly home this summer

Mar 24, 2020

Pets shed their coat all year round, but dogs and cats shed the most during summer. It is during this time that you’ll notice a drastic increase in the amount of fur you’ll find under the bed or sofa. Pets naturally shed their coats in the summer to keep them cool.

We love our furry family members, and we also love to maintain a clean and tidy house. So how do you keep your home neat, and pet-friendly during the summer? It takes a bit of effort and a lot of understanding from your pets (you can’t always avoid bite marks on furniture!), but here are different ways you can begin with to create a pet-friendly home.

1. Pick Out the Right Furniture – If your sofa is upholstered in loose weave fabrics like canvas, corduroy, or tweed, the tendency is for the threads to unravel when they get caught in claws or teeth. A loos weave also means that small debris, dirt, and hair can get trapped, and you’d eventually end up with a stinky couch. Avoid furniture, curtains, and pillowcases in delicate fabrics such as silk, velvet, and suede. They attract fur like magnets and are very expensive to have professionally cleaned. Leather upholstery is still the best choice, as well as the use of outdoor furniture.

2. Give them their own space – One way you can show your love for your furry friends is to allocate pet-zones where they can roam around freely. You can also give them their own dedicated seating– perhaps an ottoman or a pet bed. Give them their own furniture where they can play, scratch, and be themselves. There are lots of pet furniture available in the market today.

3. Carpets and Area Rugs are unnecessary – Hardwood, tiles, and vinyl are all pet-friendly flooring. They resist scratches and are effortless to clean. If you have a carpet installed in the bedroom, make sure to make it into a no-pet zone to avoid any hassle in cleaning up. Do away with area rugs in the living area, too, unless, they’re indoor-outdoor rugs made of polypropylene, or cotton dhurrie rugs (which are fairly easy to throw in the laundry). Remember, you don’t want fur and other dirt to collect inside your home. Letting this happen will compromise the health of your whole family.

4. Identify pet-friendly plants in the house, get rid of those that aren’t –  It’s true, pets bite and chew plants! Do some research and look around your house. Get rid of houseplant that might be poisonous to your pets. Some pet-friendly plants you can have in your home are Boston Fer, Rubber Pant, Orchids, Prayer Plant, and Bamboo. You can still spruce up your home with greenery without worry!

5. Keep breakable and poisonous objects out of reach – Besides harmful plants, there are a lot of things in the house that are poisonous to pets when ingested or inhaled. Cats are particularly sensitive to essential oils– some can lead to aspiration or liver damage, so make sure that you only use them in a no-pet zone in your house. Fabric softeners, batteries, and medicines are also some of the things that are harmful to pets when ingested. Make sure you have proper storage for all of them.

6. A lesson in hydration – Since it’s summer, and the temperature is rising, keep your furry friends cool and happy with a good supply of clean water. Avoid dehydration at all times!

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