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Light Colors for a Lighter Summer Feel

Mar 24, 2020

When we think of summer, we either think of the beach and spending our days drinking lemon fizzies, or we think of the cool mountain air in the highlands sipping hot cocoa in a cabin. It’s a three-month vacation that we look forward to every year. Unfortunately, we can’t always drive to our favorite summer destination. Instead, in the city, we find ourselves doing general cleaning and minor home repairs. Luckily, during this time, we also have an opportunity to bring in a light summer vibe into our house. Let’s redecorate and create a summer destination right at home!

Re-painting the rooms can instantly change the vibe of the space. Brighter, and lighter colors can usually lift the mood, and everyone can easily get into vacation mode.

Here are summer colors you can try on your walls:

This color can be very dainty and playful when paired with white and other pastel colors. Lend a light and feminine charm to your space with hints of blush. This shade of pink also has the potential to be very modern and chic, especially when mixed with warm jewel tones like mustard or marsala.

This hue has a stronger, invigorating look and can be used as an accent wall in the bedroom or the kitchen. It combines three color: pink, red, and orange, and gives a refreshing energy. It is ideal to contrast coral with white, and you can do this white overhead cabinets in the kitchen, or placing white picture frames against the coral wall.

Zesty and bright, the sunny yellow brings in the color of summer inside the home. Try this color in the bathroom! It can update a very traditional bathroom, but make sure to paint the trimmings in white to achieve a contemporary space.

For a more restful summer vibe, a splash of seafoam green can definitely deliver. Complement your seafoam green walls with neutral-colored curtains like white, beige, or gray. This colors borrows the colors of the sea and the sky, so spending your afternoon in a room with this hue can be very relaxing.

This pale shade of beige will give warmth into a room, and will still reflect a lot of the natural light into a dark space. It’s a steady base color for an earthy, relaxed, beachy atmosphere. It is best seen crisp against a white furniture and window treatments, and can effortlessly mix with happy pops of color from the throw pillow and art pieces on the walls.

If a whole room is too much of a commitment, you can paint your furniture with these happy hues, too! You can start with your side tables, dining chairs, or an old dresser.

A Secret Garden

Another east way to prepare your home for the summer is to bring in plants. Lots and lots of plants! You can never go wrong with fresh flowers in vases– they instantly make a room more inviting, and they smell good too! The green leafy ones contrast very well against all the summer colors mentioned above, and gives another dimension to your home. They literally give life a bland space. Now you can enjoy your summer vacation every day at home!

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