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Home Projects You Can Do This Summer

Mar 27, 2020

With summer fast approaching, people tend to plan out their vacations. But did you know that this season is the best time for your home renovation? This is because there would be little to no delays caused by rain or bad weather. You can also have a quality project as this would give the workers a better and safer working environment.

The warm weather and the bright hues of fresh greeneries and flowers offer inspiration to freshen up the look of your home. Use this natural energy as inspiration and start your renovation project to give your home a new and updated look.

Here are some important projects you need to work on during the summer before it ends:

  1. Painting Works – Summer is the best time for any painting work when you plan to remodel a space– may it be for exterior, interior, or carpentry work. Not only does the heat make it quicker to dry the paint, it also makes the surface smooth. The heat also helps maintain the quality of the paint as opposed to painting works in the rainy season.

2. Screen it – Install screen for your doors and windows. Window and door screens play a vital role in every home as they offer homeowners many benefits including improved air flow and bug control.

3. Go Big! – Going away for a vacation? This is the perfect time for you to finally have your kitchen remodeled or have that dream bathroom you’ve always wanted. Being away during this construction period is both beneficial for both you (the homeowner) and the contractor. This allows work to move forward holistically throughout the space and keeps you away from all the toxins.

4. Clean the Gutter – Gutters are responsible for catching rainwater and rerouting it away from the house– this protects your home from your home from damages or flooding. We usually take it for granted in the summer so we end up with a clogged spillway during the rainy season and end up cleaning them when it’s already raining. Head on up there and check your gutter if they’re clean and in good condition!

5. Repair the Roof – There’s nothing worse than having leaks on the ceiling during the typhoon season. Look for any signs of wear and tear regularly to avoid major damage– if you see any small holes during your inspection, attend to it immediately.

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