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Quick Fix—All Home Brings Home Improvement Even Closer to Customers

Aug 04, 2020

AllHome continues to build on its reputation as the fastest-rising home and construction retail concept in the Philippines, now with 45 stores all over the country and adding 22 new locations in 2019 alone. With a 41% increase in revenue for first quarter 2020 and 30% net income relative to same period 2019, AllHome looks to capitalize on even more opportunities presented by the new normal.

With the rise of the neighborhood store format, AllHome introduces Quick Fix, a direct solution to the consumer’s growing preference to keep their shopping as close to home as possible. By maximizing locations that are near to or already in developed communities, All Home Quick Fix leverages on superior community locations, a unique synergy with Vista Land..

A compact and efficient format, AllHome Quick Fix carries essential everyday home needs that covers the basics of home improvement and repair. AllHome Quick Fix provides a substantial offering of options and choices for DIY and home improvement, covering a near identical set of key categories that can be found in the Philippines’ only one-stop shop home store:  hardware, furniture, appliances, homewares and linens.

With a current situation that puts health and safety as the utmost priority, consumers are seen to be more inclined to shop closer to where they live. AllHome Quick Fix is the new complete neighborhood store: quick and direct access points to the store fosters an atmosphere of security to consumers, and an AllDay Mart just beside it.

AllHome Vice Chairman Camille Villar still views 2020 with optimism despite the effects of COVID-19, saying “With the lockdown easing out and when the economic situation improves, AllHome may see itself opening more new stores, given its capability to fast track fit-out construction. In the meantime, our focus will be on improving the efficiency and productivity of the new stores and further enhancing the merchandise mix that would suit the changing demands of each store.”

For your home renovation, home repair, and home improvement needs, visit an AllHome store near you. We offer DIY Hardware, Appliances, Construction Materials, Flooring, Furniture, Homewares, Linens, Sanitary ware, Digitals, and more! You may also visit our website and enjoy the hassle-free experience of shopping online through AllHome.com.ph today! AllHome online shopping site offers fast delivery, cash delivery and easy payment terms. You may also follow us on our official Facebook page and Instagram account for more updates.
You can also visit AllHome Tips! to read our articles about our tips and tricks for home improvement.

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