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Rise of neighborhood stores to address the new retail normal

Aug 04, 2020

 Shopping for Your Home Needs Has Never been this Easy!

Imagine having the convenience of just stepping out of your home and all of your home needs are right there waiting for you. Everyday Quick Fix by AllHome is making that dream a reality. Situated near residential communities,  Everyday Quick Fix is a gift to all homeowners as they no longer have to endure the hardships that go along with travelling to malls just to get the items that they need. The all around store has identified the basic everyday needs of every Filipino homes. It connects with the communities surrounding it and identifies what products are in demand.

With the rise of neighborhood stores, it has the upper hand amongst its competitors as it houses a little bit of everything—a small haven of sorts. This compact store has all the basics of home improvement and repairs covered. It gives you unfailing options and choices for your DIYs and quick fixes. Deeming as a small-scale AllHome, it offers you the some of the categories that one might find in the Philippines’ one-stop shop: furniture, lighting, gadgets, storage, hardware, appliances, tiles, sanitary wares, homewares and linens.

With the current situation, consumers are now more inclined to shop closer to home as they minimized travel to and from their homes. With having an Everday Quick Fix as their neighbor, everything that is needed for daily activities and household projects can be obtained in a matter of minutes—customers get what they need, when they need it. Their quick and direct access points to the store fosters an atmosphere of security to customers. An AllDay Mart is also beside an AllHome Quick Fix that can provide you the necessary items for your cravings, cooking, and cleaning needs. Having these stores in close proximity to your homes, it shows that they value the time of every customer and ensures that your safety is their priority as they eliminate unnecessary exposure to outside elements.

For your home renovation, home repair, and home improvement needs, visit an AllHome store near you. We offer DIY Hardware, Appliances, Construction Materials, Flooring, Furniture, Homewares, Linens, Sanitary ware, Digitals, and more! You may also visit our website and enjoy the hassle-free experience of shopping online through AllHome.com.ph today! AllHome online shopping site offers fast delivery, cash delivery and easy payment terms. You may also follow us on our official Facebook page and Instagram account for more updates.
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