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AllHome expands product offering via specialty store

Dec 23, 2020

AllHome Corp. on Tuesday said it expanded its product offering by launching a small specialty store format that sells gadgets and other technology products.

The company said it opened its All Digital store in Evia Lifestyle Center in Las Piñas, to become its 50th branch.

All Digital is a tech emporium that offers a variety of gadgets such as laptops, cellphones, cameras, drones, e-scooters and even collectible toys.

“All Digital has curated the latest and innovative tech brands in the country in one store. This is the one-stop shop for all your technology needs for your home and home office. It puts great value in offering only the best original merchandise,” All Home vice chairman Camille A. Villar said.

The store allows gamers to try the newest games with its gaming nook, complete with a high-specs gaming desktop and a top-of-the-line gaming chair; e-scooters are on display and can be tested in-store; and drones have a dedicated fly zone where customers can fly them.

For the toy collectors, life-size models are on display to complement its offering of collectibles.

The company said it hopes to capture markets, such as technology enthusiasts, gamers, photographers, music lovers and toy collectors in the upscale market.

“As the pandemic pushes us to adopt technology faster, AllHome enters the tech world, further expanding its offering for the appliances category and targeting a brand new market. This involves creating a tech hub that houses nothing but the best-selling premium products today. It’s a place where gadget enthusiasts can come together and even learn from one another. All Digital is the core for both play and innovation. It is also a testament to All Home’s innovative mindset and its capability to quickly adapt to changing customer needs,” Manuel B. Villar, the company’s chairman, said.

AllHome now has 39 stores in Mega Manila, 6 in Luzon outside Metro Manila and five in the Visayas and Mindanao.  All Digital is an addition to AllHome’s small specialty store format, bringing the store count by format to 15 small specialty, 13 large free-standing and 22 large mall-based. The recent launchings of Cabanatuan and Sta. Maria stores increased the store count for large free-standing format.

Article link: https://businessmirror.com.ph/2020/12/23/allhome-expands-product-offering-via-specialty-store/

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