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5 Fresh Looks for Your Home This Summer 

Mar 08, 2023

5 Fresh Looks for Your Home This Summer 


After days or weeks of being out of the country or city, nothing beats the relief of finally returning home from a summer getaway! But even so, we still come back with a wanderlust feeling, the urge to come back to that paradise. However, you can overcome those moods by turning your home into a safe summer haven yourself! 

Hence, for today’s new blog article, we present five fresh looks you can try on your next home redesign project for the summer! Here, we will give you an exclusive preview of our AllHome Summer Catalogue 2023, to be released soon at your nearest AllHome branch!



They say one can tell a person’s character or a place’s aura through hints as conspicuous as one’s clothing or as simple as their distinct colors. In fact, it is said that artists choose a color for their works to convey a certain mood: the sophistication of black, the simplicity of white, the passion of red, and the happiness of yellow, among others.

To channel your inner artistry when designing your summer-themed home, the easiest tip to apply is to choose hues that you wish to reflect the character of your humble abode, particularly when you combine two or more palettes in one place!

Take this living space’s design, for example. Here, we combined the vibrancy of orange and the calmness of blue to create a room that invites a sense of mature but welcoming camaraderie!



In the wake of a rapidly modernizing world, what has often been forgotten in our pursuit of ideal home living is the inclusion of natural scenery that no opulent displays of sleek furniture and decorations can conceal. Hence, in our current era, home designers have attempted to re-integrate the grace of Mother Nature back inside people’s homes, and the results are stunning!

For our chosen patio design, we created a careful but elegant balance by combining the extravagance of post-modern furniture with the familiar sight of tropical biodiversity our archipelago is blessed with!




The many nationalities of the Mediterranean region pride themselves to be the epicenter of Western civilization. Remnants of their famed ancient civilizations live on into the present day, one of which is the timeless design of ceramic tiles. Intricate but never identical, they bring a sophisticated, European sensibility to any place.

Here, such decorative tiles proved to be an eye-catching element to the backsplash of this kitchen’s design that would make any homeowner feel like they’re cooking up fresh and delicious meals against the backdrop of a Greek island’s shores!




The Japanese obtained their renowned virtues of resourcefulness, orderliness, and efficiency through countless factors: foreign influence, centuries of historical change, and their adaptability to nature. 

The islands they reside in are a double-edged sword: high mountains and steep valleys make living a challenge, but they are also blessed with abundant resources, particularly within their forests, which provide perfect sources of wooden materials for the construction of their iconic traditional homes and pagodas.

Here, wood is central to this bedroom’s design, carved and etched in our furniture and floors. The end result evokes a feeling of zen and balance that helps in providing a tranquil place to slumber. 



The summer is the time we seek a moment of respite from the arduous hours of work and adult life, and one place where we find relaxation is the spa. The gentle touch of a masseuse eases the physical strain on our muscles and bones. The cleansing qualities of bath water soothe our bodies and wash away impurities.

But the hefty costs of its services can be discouraging to some, but with our bathroom design here, one does not have to leave the comfort of the home to find to feel those spa-like vibes right close by.



With these 5 looks for your home, homeowners like you will definitely feel that you have returned to your place of blissful escapade. But, we have plenty more ways you can transform your address into the true home of your dreams this summer at AllHome, your one-stop shop for your home, where we provide dreamers with countless items, from high-class furniture to state-of-the-art appliances.

Shop now by visiting one of our many branches nationwide, or go to our online store at www.allhome.com.ph!

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And finally, we have more designs to showcase that may inspire you at our upcoming Summer Catalogue 2023. Grab your copies soon at your nearest AllHome branch.

Thanks once more for reading! Until next time!

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