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6 Household Appliance Must-Haves Before the New Year

Dec 27, 2021

6 Household Appliance Must-Haves Before the New Year

6 Household Appliance Must-Haves Before the New Year

Despite the fast-paced modern lifestyle which comes with its uncertainties and difficulties, any conveniences and simple comforts are produced by a network of ideas, concepts, and innovations that were brought into reality by the intense efforts from men of science, business, and faith.  As a result, these technologies are now widely available, providing modern conveniences to a great number of homeowners around the world.


Together with AllHome, let’s take a look at these appliances that make our lives easier to give you an idea of what to purchase to prepare yourself for the upcoming year. Some of these decisions may surprise you, yet life would be extremely different for all of us if they didn’t exist.



With more people cooking at home than ever before, the need for food storage space has skyrocketed. If you ever have an old fridge that needs its well-earned retirement, then you better upgrade your old appliance with a new one before the new year starts. The ingenuity of SAMSUNG RS63R5591B4TC Side by Side Refrigerator 24.3Cuft from AllHome has SpaceMax™ technology. With this technology, you can keep more food and because it uses a small quantity of high-efficiency insulation. The SpaceMax™ technology also allows the walls to be substantially thinner. As a result, greater storage capacity is created without affecting its exterior and without affecting energy efficiency. The All-around Cooling and Power Cool/Freeze feature help to keep your food fresh by quickly cooling and freezing your food and ice.  A handy appliance like the Samsung Refrigerator makes it a cost-effective choice for the new year with the Samsung Digital Inverter Compressor that can last for many years.


Gas Range

There’s no denying that when it comes to buying decisions, customers are growing more knowledgeable in purchasing appliances. Some people may spend hours researching the advantages and disadvantages of induction vs gas cooktops or watching instructional videos on how to use special features. But, at the end of the day, isn’t it lovely to have a new appliance for the new year? AllHome’s HAFELE 533.02.420 Range 3 Gas + 1 Electric Hotplate 60cm is a great option for a gas range with its special features. It has three gas burners with flame failure safety devices and an electric hotplate. It also has an oven with a 61-liter capacity that can also be a turnspit for chicken rotisserie.  


Smart Locks

If you’re looking for an appliance to upgrade your home security, replace your old door locks with smart locks in time for the new year. If you’re someone who often loses their keys or leaves them inside after locking yourself out, a smart lock like the Cherry Home Chlock01 Smart Entrance Digital Door Lock from AllHome is an absolute must-have appliance. Though keys are the most effective means of home security, you’ll never need to use them again with a smart lock like this.


The ability to respond to voice commands is another amazing feature that every smart lock has, which Another good appliance for your home that we recommend is the Samsung SHPDP609W Digital Door Lock features. When you’re too lazy to switch on the lock mechanism manually, this appliance is very useful. So buy your own smart lock for your home now before the new year starts!


Air Purifier

Having an air purifier is one of the finest investments you can make in time for the new year. With a useful appliance like AllHome’s TOSHIBA Air Purifier CAF-Y36PH (W), you’ll be living in a cleaner home thanks to its True HEPA H13 filter and UV-light filter air from unwanted bacteria, viruses, germs, and mold spores.

If you want an air filter to cover a large area, the Air Master MR 900 Air Purifier is the appliance for you. This Air Purifier can cover an area of up to 50-70 square meters. UV sterilization, formaldehyde elimination, and a medical-grade H13 HEPA filter are among the purification stages this appliance possesses.


Microwave Oven

With typical use, the average microwave oven should last about seven years, and with regular use and improper maintenance, it will last much less. As a family becomes more dependent on the appliance to warm up snacks and leftovers and defrost frozen goods, it may have to be replaced every four to five years. So, consider replacing your microwave with a new, energy-efficient model like HANABISHI HM-20MDLX3 Microwave if your old appliance is reaching the 10-year mark.


Vacuum cleaner

As the old saying goes, “out with the old, in with the new.” Cleaning your house completely on or before New Year’s Eve is a widespread practice among Filipino homes. The majority of Filipino homeowners believe that cleaning your house before the New Year makes sure that you don’t bring your old, unclean past into the New Year. Most of us will need to do this type of cathartic cleansing before New Year’s Eve and what better way is there to conveniently clean your home than having a vacuum cleaner? We recommend the KARCHER Wd3 Vacuum Cleaner 17L with a special cartridge filter for wet and dry vacuuming without filter replacement and a removable nozzle that is optimally developed for maximum vacuuming convenience and flexibility. 

You can also purchase a nifty appliance like the self-charging MIDEA MR02 URB VAC ROBOT 0.3L 20W with an anti-fall and anti-collision sensor that comes with a remote controller.


There you have it! These are some of the few recommended appliances that you should purchase before the new year starts. Start shopping now at an AllHome store near you. We have a variety of items for you to choose from—DIY needs, hardware and construction supplies, home decor, and more! You can also shop for home appliances at the AllHome online shopping site. You can also follow us on our official Facebook page and Instagram accounts for more updates.  


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