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Bring Good Fortune to Your Home with Feng Shui

Feb 10, 2023

Bring Good Fortune to Your Home with Feng Shui

Bring Good Fortune to Your Home with Feng Shui


In ancient times, the Chinese believed that good fortune and prosperity come to one’s home and community through designing a space that harmonizes with the order and balance of the universe. This dogma forms the foundation of the famed cosmological philosophy of feng shui. 

Once confined within China and most of East Asia, its popularity has grown beyond its origins, and homeowners and designers worldwide have adopted its ideas. But, whether you believe in its mysticism or dismiss the ideology as pseudoscience, feng shui has helped residents envision and create happier and sounder homes.


In our latest blog entry, we will demonstrate how feng shui can bring an aesthetic and practical balance to your living spaces with a handful of tips and tricks you can try yourself! 


A Gateway of Opportunity


The first step in introducing the concepts of Feng Shui to your home is inviting positive energy into your home, starting with your home’s main entrance. 

When looking at the front of the house, this primary door should be a prominent sight and, therefore, must be free from obstructions. In addition, it should also be pleasing to the eye, as if a guest wishes to step into your home. Along the path, you may add some plants and ornaments as beautifying highlights to the entryway. Your door should also have a design that expresses your home’s overall character or style. In a previous article, we showcased a variety of door designs courtesy of our in-house brand Terrawood. Check it out here, and choose which one you believe suits your home best!


A Welcoming Place


Once you open the door, the energy shall enter and flow around your home. What you need to do next is to divert and harness that energy in areas that will bring good luck to you and anyone else who lives or visits, beginning with the living room.

The living room is a gathering place, and cultivating energy there creates a space perfect for gatherings, conversations, and friendships. 

To encourage the flow of energy, start by placing and arranging a balanced number of furniture and other items. Do not overcrowd your living room to the point that it is difficult for anyone to navigate. Have large and open windows to allow sunlight and air to pass through. And, for one final touch, add a centerpiece, like a watered flower vase or a small fountain, to add a relaxing aura to the place.


A Taste of Good Fortune

The next places to explore are the dining room and kitchen. Allowing energy to flow here can intensify one’s gourmet desires and find satisfaction in the meals and camaraderie at the table.



To start, have your dining table be round instead of the typical rectangular form. Not only will the energy flow more smoothly, but the passing of meals and plates will be swifter due to the table’s shorter length. Of course, use a visually pleasing set of homeware when serving your food and dining in to make your meal times feel more fulfilling. Use plates such as this natural green plate set by Dinner Essentials and the gold cutlery of ONAIDA to encourage a display of abundance and wealth.

As for your kitchen, start with your stove. Ensure that it faces the kitchen door and contains as many burners as it can. Clean off any grime and dust from your kitchen counters and stoves. Throw away any spoiled or expired foods you have stored in your refrigerator.

As your home’s chef, this clean and harmonious arrangement lets you be more aware of and in command of your surroundings. Consequently, this would also lead you to cook more efficiently. 


Sweet Dreams


One last room to look into is your bedroom. It is your personal place of solace, where you can find yourself at ease and rest. It is also an area where you can personally focus and hone your creativity and work, whether for your hobbies, school assignments, or occupation.

To let positive energy flourish here means being in command of your sanctuary. Start with facing your bedroom door towards your workspace and bed. Opt for lighter or neutral colors to evoke a more soothing vibe in your space. Have ample sunlight, and add natural features to give your place more serenity.


With all these feng shui tips we have suggested, what should be your most notable takeaway? Whether you believe in the cosmic purposes of these ideas or not, they still make your home lifestyle a more positive experience. Arranging your space helps you and others navigate and familiarize your home better and encourages a more secure, proactive, and serene way of living.


But what if you wish to apply this technique in a place that has yet to exist? Find out in our next article entry to learn how to design and construct your future address using feng shui!


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Thanks for reading, and see you in our next entry!

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