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Christmas Gift Ideas Under PHP 10,000

Dec 12, 2022

Christmas Gift Ideas Under PHP 10,000

Christmas Gift Ideas Under PHP 10,000


The Christmas season has finally returned, but while we know it as the time for joy and cheer, it may be a different story once you enter the stores for your annual Christmas shopping trip! The process is quite the hassle, from listing down and collecting wishlists to planning out funds,  exploring different malls to lining up in lengthy queues. But, arguably, it’s the expense we worry about most, especially in our current times. Is there a way to grab as many items as possible without the fear of overspending?


Fear not, as AllHome is here to help! Today’s blog entry will explore the many items in our stores that you can purchase under a decent budget of PHP 10,000, and if you don’t believe it, we are here to prove it to you!


A Warm Cheers to the Season


ONAIDA Handpainted Coffee Cup


ONAIDA Handpainted Teapot Orient Express


Baby, it’s cold outside! With Jack Frost nipping people’s noses this winter season, nothing brings comfort against the shivers more than a nice cup of tea! Gift your tea lovers this ONAIDA Handpainted Coffee Cup for only PHP 319.75, and pair it with this delicate ONAIDA Handpainted Teapot for only PHP 829.75!


Christmas Stockings 


Christmas Stockings SEM8884


The holidays are full of fun surprises, especially with the gifts Santa has in store for everybody. Give them your token of appreciation inside this Santa Christmas Stocking for only PHP 499.75.


Pinecone Christmas Wreath


Pinecone Christmas Wreath


We all want the cheer of the holidays to greet us right at our doorstep, and one easy way to let any visitor to get into the Christmas spirit would be a nice and fancy Christmas wreath hanging at one’s door for only PHP 959.75!


A Nice, Warm Fleece


SNUGGLES Blanket Polar Fleece Ribbon 60″ x 90″ Light Brown


We may not have snow here, but those chilly December winds will surely remind you of those white Christmas days! Shield yourself from those Siberian gusts with SNUGGLES Blanket Polar Fleece for only PHP 579.75! With it, the cold will never bother you anyway!


Mother Mary


Ceramic Vase Woman Face Modern Minimalist Design BR030-031


As Christians, we commemorate December 25 not only for the birth of Jesus Christ, but also for the woman who has brought Him to this world. Bring and cherish Mother Mary in your home with this Modern Minimalist Ceramic Vase worth PHP 1,044.75


A Cup of Joe


SLIQUE Coffee Press 3pc Set


Make your Christmas mornings cheerful by energizing yourself with a warm mug of freshly brewed coffee, and with this PHP 449.75 SLIQUE Coffee Press, you can squeeze out every ounce of caffeine from those roasted beens and enjoy that strong aroma wafting across the room!


Christmas Tree, My Christmas Tree!


Christmas Tree Tower Wire


No symbol of the holiday season is quite as famous and as universal as the Christmas Tree, but one as simple as this PHP 2,499.75 metal Christmas Tree Tower can still be as ravishing as those evergreen counterparts!


An Evergreen Celebration


Christmas Garland Vinyl 9ft SEM2220-2222


Deck the halls with boughs of holly! Christmas and Mother Nature go along together as it evokes a placid and nostalgic feeling to the home. Cover your staircases with this 9-feet Christmas Garland worth PHP 1,299.75!


Served with Love and Taste


OMEGA Elizabeth Casserole with Glass Lid and Ceramic Knob


Christmas season is filled with scrumptious feasts and sweet desires! Let your guests enjoy the festivities with the delicious and heavy meals you’ll be serving on this OMEGA Elizabeth Casserole worth PHP 629.75!


Be amazed by how many items you can gather upon check out: 10 wonderful gifts and with PHP 887.50 to spare! Now, that’s a holiday shopping experience! 


However, believe it or not, this is only a preview to what else we have in store! If these items from this shopping guide alone have enticed you, then now is the right time to start your gift shopping at AllHome, your one-stop shop for your home! Come to any of our nationwide branches or visit www.allhome.com.ph to shop online!


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Lastly, Christmas is a season made for the home, so see how we envision different spaces designed for the holidays compiled together in AllHome’s 2022 Christmas Catalog! Grab a copy now at your nearest AllHome branch!


Thanks for reading, Seasons Greetings, and we’ll see each other again in the next entry! 

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