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DIY Crafts for Christmas Decors

Dec 11, 2022

DIY Crafts for Christmas Decors

DIY Crafts for Christmas Decors

You know that the holly, jolly times are here once more when you see the city streets filled with bright and colorful lights or catch sight of a tall and beautiful Christmas tree at the center of the town square! Quite possibly, the Christmas season may be the most extravagant and most worldly of all yearly occasions.  

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without all the glamour of decor, but, of course, it doesn’t come cheap! To the frugal, those LED lights, Christmas trees, and decadent ornaments can cost a fortune, but just because you don’t have the budget doesn’t mean your Christmas spirit can’t be extra. In fact, for today’s article, we will prove it to you with the following DIY Christmas decorations you can try out at your own home!


Origami and Cut-Out Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are one of the most easily recognizable decorations during the holidays. Part of its timeless appeal is how this tiny decor can contain a lot of beauty and color, more so when they come together to cover the Christmas tree! As they say, small things can make a big difference!

In addition, they come with great variety in their designs, ranging from golden-painted balls to name-engraved calligraphy to even diamond-made snowflakes! However, you can opt for the thriftier and inventive option of creating your own ornaments with the Japanese art of origami!

You would be surprised by the many shapes and figures you can make out of a square sheet of paper: intricately patterned snowflakes, cute little stars, and even miniature Christmas trees.

However, suppose that it may not be your forte, an alternative suggestion is paper cut-outs! Draw and cut out patterns to form beautiful snowflakes or a chain of snowmen, and imagine a beholding pleasant site of art-filled walls!


Homemade Parols

Filipinos claim to celebrate Christmas more extravagantly than any other nationality, and if we’re being honest, the truth may not be that far-fetched. Any foreigner visiting the Philippines would be surprised to see lights and decorations being put up in malls, homes, and streets as early as September!

But our unique way of commemorating the holidays is more than starting the celebrations ahead of the others. If there is one thing that best symbolizes Filipino Christmas, it is the parol, a bright and colorful lantern representing the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Kings to the baby in the manger!

Whatever the shape or form, making a Christmas parol is generally easy, provided that you have the following materials: bendable bamboo sticks, rubber bands, glue guns, and Japanese paper. You can even top it off with some paintings and sketches of your parols! The only limit is your imagination!


Paper Wreaths

Have you ever wondered how those evergreen wreaths eventually became a symbol of the holidays? Many believed this tradition may have derived from ancient Roman culture, where wreaths symbolized one’s honorable or victorious status in society. 

Once Christians adopted the wreaths, they formed a new meaning! As a way to count down the day ‘til the birth of Christ, we commemorate the Advent season using an evergreen wreath topped with four candles, each representing a Sunday before December 25!

Outside of religious symbolism, wreaths provide a simple but delicate way to greet one’s neighbors with a Happy Holidays, and while decoration budgets may have limitations, your imagination does not! See how you can create your own holiday wreaths using paper mache and even leftover tree leaves! 

Start with a circular frame using popsicles or leftover sticks to form a polygon. Strengthen the bonds using a combination of rubber bands and glue, as with your Christmas parol. Once completed, stick your chosen material onto the frame in a symmetrical pattern, and top it off with Christmas ornaments! What a simple and easy craft!

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Last, but most certainly not least, no holiday-filled home wouldn’t be complete without an old-fashioned Christmas tree in your living space! In all sizes and forms, it is arguably the most ubiquitous and ultimate symbol of the season and quite possibly the most extravagant. 

In countries like the US, such trees are naturally sourced in farms that cultivate them all year round. In places where pine trees aren’t grown locally, they are manufactured and made with synthetic materials and a sturdy steel frame. Regardless of where they come from, one this is certain: they can be quite costly! But, with cleverness and resourcefulness, you’ll know there are creative and ingenious ways to have a beloved tree of your own!

For instance, when you have a collection of old books and magazines in your home, you can stack them up into one tall tree-like structure! If not, how about some unused cardboard boxes? Cut them up and piece together a nice, recycled tree! 

And those are just a few ideas we recommend for imaginative, fun-filled, budget-friendly, and even eco-friendly Christmas decorating! No matter the methods and materials, there is one thing to keep in mind: holiday cheer can come to your home in the most unexpected ways!



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Thanks for reading, Seasons Greetings, and we’ll see each other again in the next entry!


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