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Door to Door by Terrawood at AllHome

Feb 28, 2023

Door to Door by Terrawood at AllHome


When guests arrive at your home, the first thing they will encounter is a main door that will lead them to your humble abode. Not only do doors provide security and safety from intruders, but they also serve as an essential part of a person’s first impression of your residence. The craftsmanship of its design and the toughness of the wooden material may be enough to strike visitors with awe. 

So, if you are searching for a grand entrance to your current address, this latest article from AllHome is just for you. For today’s entry, we would like to showcase a few wooden door designs courtesy of our in-house brand Terrawood!

Each door is named after the city or style that inspired their respective designers. Check them out here!



Nestled along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the Spanish city of Barcelona is a place of contrasts, where the old meets the new and the classic resides with the modern. 

There, churches like the Sagrada Familia house vast collections of Gothic sculptures and avant-garde shapes, and buildings that harken back to the architecture of the early 20th century fill entire city blocks.

Such cosmopolitan style inspired this door’s design, with its curves coming together to form an eye-shaped center encapsulated in a canvas-like rectangular etching.

TERRAWOOD, Barcelona design



The Chinese community has possessed a mighty culture extending for thousands of years. As one of the cradles of ancient human civilization, the nation has witnessed countless dynasties and kingdoms rise and fall, but miraculously, what remains of these historical times were preserved for generations to learn, appreciate, and even imitate.

And, with this Terrawood door design, you can have an imitative piece of cherished history, with carved shapes reminiscing the entrances that have led visitors inside the palaces of grandeur!


TERRAWOOD, Dynasty design



In the late 1880s, amid Europe’s Industrial Revolution, Paris was set to host the upcoming World’s Fair, and the French capital needed a centerpiece to showcase its mark on the world stage. They chose a now-iconic steel tower that the world has since associated with the city and the country.

Like the World’s Fair, your home also needs a pièce de résistance, starting with an entrance whose curvatures imitate the ultimate symbol of European culture and architecture!


TERRAWOOD, Eiffel design



The Greeks have shown great pride in their ancient history, marked by societal sophistication and order. Historians have long recognized Greece as the epicenter of western civilization, with great cities like Athens becoming the birthplace of democratic institutions and timeless philosophical teachings.

Preserve that part of ancient times through a door that possesses the most intricate patterns carved on wood that mirrors the delicate artistry of this historically renowned society!


TERRAWOOD, Greek design



The Himalayan Mountains are notorious for their frigid climate and impossible heights, making them geographically inhospitable places. Yet, a resilient and spiritual nation lives and thrives within this mountain range, and it continues to invite visitors to its ancient Buddhist temples and bold climbers to reach for the tops of the world!

Own a piece of Asian heritage with a door that invites guests to an otherworldly residence that welcomes those searching for peace and tranquility.


TERRAWOOD, Nepal design



For most of the 20th and 21st centuries, the United States has made its mark on the world stage, from scientific innovations to political influence to popular culture. But often, when people think of the word “America,” multiple and contrasting images come to mind: the gargantuan skyscrapers of New York City or the classic country home of the Heartland.

Take a piece of America with you with a door that will make your home feel like living in the tranquil countryside.


TERRAWOOD, Kentucky design



Of course, with all this conversation centered on world culture, how could we forget to seek inspiration from our own?

Before the seafaring Spanish explorers set foot on our islands, the archipelago that would become the Philippines was home to various kingdoms and polities led by a ruling warrior class known as the maharlikas. In our modern times, this prehistoric term has become affiliated with the country’s noble class. 


TERRAWOOD, Maharlika design


Therefore, this door’s design aims to reflect the status of ostensive wealth mixed with national identity. At its center are curves shaped like intertwined bamboo, where the first Filipinos emerged, as legends told.


With the variety of designs Terrawood’s doors can offer, it can be fun yet difficult to decide which one suits your home best. So, now is the perfect time to come to AllHome, your one-stop shop for your home! Here, we house a vast collection of items catering to the needs of homeowners like you: hardware, furniture, appliances, and so much more!


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Thanks once again for reading, and we’ll see you again in our next entry!

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