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Gas Stoves vs Electric Stoves: Which is more sustainable? | AllHome.com.ph

Jul 28, 2021

In 2016, the United Nations started implementing their 15-year plan to achieve a sustainable world that aims to achieve 17 sustainable development goals. The 13th goal is to urgently act on combating climate change to which different countries agreed on with the international treaty called The Paris Agreement. Different countries are now working toward limiting global temperature rise to below 2 degrees Celsius, if not, there will be awful impacts to the world such as heavier rainfalls and increased coastal flooding. Have you noticed how the weather is unpredictable lately? AllHome tells you this: it can get worse than that when we reach an irreversible state of a hotter planet. Although this fight requires huge global participation, all of us, with AllHome appliances, can do something at your level.

To put it simply, all we have to do is decrease the production of carbon dioxide which is released when we burn oil, coal, and other fossil fuels for energy to power up our homes. We can help in this by doing many things, but the main point that AllHome appliances wants to emphasize is that we can help combat climate change by investing in energy-efficient appliances. However, with the wide selection of appliances, how do we know which is energy-efficient?

It may take some work, but you will really have to research which appliances are best for you. AllHome appliances knows that researching can be tedious, so let us guide your efforts in shifting to a greener household by tackling one appliance at a time. In this article, find out with AllHome appliances which is greener between a gas stove and electric stove.

Gas stoves don’t use electricity, this means that the energy we get from burning oil, coal, and fossil fuels is not necessary for a gas stove to function. We, along with AllHome appliances, know that even with no electricity, you can cook your meals as long as you have gas in your LPG tank.

Even with the burning fire, you may notice that it doesn’t get too warm in your homes when you’re cooking, and when you turn off your gas stove, the surroundings cool down faster. AllHome appliances found out that this is because gas stoves are designed to produce low heat emission making it heat efficient.

The control of the temperature is also more precise with a gas stove. With the knob, you can easily adjust the flame to high or low and even see how the flame is following your adjustments. Because of this, chefs and even some of the home cooks at AllHome appliances prefer gas stoves. Add in the fact that you can cook on it with any kind of pans, be it stainless, copper, aluminum, cast iron, ceramic, or non-stick pan.

With all these advantages said, it may be safe to say that life is greener with a gas stove. But that would be unfair to conclude without checking on the electric stoves.

Earlier, AllHome appliances mentioned that gas stoves are heat efficient, but electric stoves are even more heat efficient. This means that your kitchen will stay cool even when you’re cooking. AllHome appliances deems this good for when you have a small kitchen that would easily warm up when you use a gas stove because even when the gas stoves are heat efficient, if the space is small, the heat from the flame will still warm up the space. (Another fix to this by your AllHome appliances is installing a range hood that can help remove heat emitted by your stove).

When cooking, electric stoves provide constant and equal amounts of heat across the base of your cookware, thus a perfectly-cooked meal is easier to achieve.

Since electric stoves don’t rely on gas, there is no need to worry about gas leak or setting your house on fire. In addition, it only warms up the section you will use so the other areas of your electric stove will remain cool. AllHome appliances finds these two factors useful to make sure that kids are safe with an electric stove.

Also, with the need of electric stoves for electricity, you may not be able to cook when there’s a power outage in your home (unless you have a power generator that can power up an electric stove, somehow similar to Promate’s 240 Powerstation that can power up a LED TV for 4.5 hours–available in AllHome appliances)

AllHome appliances stated earlier that to make energy, we would have to burn coal or oil, so the idea of burning natural resources to generate electricity to make heat for your electric stove seems like the opposite of being energy-efficient compared to just opening your LPG tank and setting fire in your gas stove.

In making the same amount of heat, natural gas used by your gas stoves produce 117 pounds of carbon dioxide, while electric stoves produce 401.5 pounds of carbon dioxide. We said earlier that we aim to reduce carbon dioxide, so, indeed, gas stoves are the best choice in going green. Right?

AllHome appliance’s answer to that is it still depends on where your electricity is coming from. If your electricity comes from renewable energy, then there will be no production of carbon dioxide because renewable energy like solar, wind, and hydroelectric don’t emit greenhouse gases, like your carbon dioxide.

There you have it, reader. If you’re in an area that is now supplied by renewable energy sources, like Iceland which almost 100% of their electricity comes from hydropower and geothermal, then electric stoves are perfect to keep you safe, to produce perfectly-cooked meals, and to help in combating climate change. But hey, get the best of both gas and electric stove with combined gas-electric stoves like these from AllHome appliances.

As different countries make the necessary efforts to save our planet, let us, with AllHome all do our part by acting on even what seems like small efforts because, really, there is nothing small in being environmentally-conscious.

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