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How to Choose Outdoor Furniture for Your Patio

Mar 15, 2023

How to Choose Outdoor Furniture for Your Patio


With the beginning of March comes one of everybody’s favorite times of the year: the summertime. This sunny season makes this the perfect opportunity to enjoy a multitude of fun activities, especially outdoors! 


While camping with friends lets you enjoy the thrills of exploring the wilderness, there is something charming about the simplicity of get-togethers with your neighbors right at your very home, where you can enjoy a fresh glass of lemonade and chat about personal lives while lounging in at your outdoor patio.


And that is our primary focus for today’s summer entry, where we at AllHome will offer our furniture and item recommendations you’ve got to have to spruce up your home’s patio!





With the sun shining bright, skies void of gloomy clouds, and temperatures soaring at almost 30 degrees, this hot season is the perfect time to soak in that rich vitamin D while getting that brown, sun-kissed summer tan! For this, we recommend items for two types of people!


If you are the type to sit back and relax outside while reading your favorite novel, we prefer unwinding on this GARDEN STORY Lifetime Glider Bench, reminiscent of the benches in the pristine and quiet urban park!


GARDEN STORY Lifetime 60290 Glider Bench


Meanwhile, for those who wish to feel sexy and sultry for the summer, we highly encourage you to get this GARDEN STORY Millie Lounge Chair Mapple or our GARDEN STORY Meva Relax Chair! Just don’t stay out for too long!


GARDEN STORY Millie Lounge Chair Mapple


GARDEN STORY Meva Relax Chair Khaki



With a time as sweltering as the summer, we love to spend most of our lazy days this time of year indoors, where the urban pleasures are. Our television set keeps us entertained with Netflix and video games while our air conditioners keep our rooms cool all day long! 


But, at AllHome, we highly encourage homeowners like you to try the alternative option: unplug from cosmopolitan desires and enrich yourselves in conversations with friends or strangers right next to your natural backyard!


Immerse in a sense of intimacy on this ALANA 2 Seater Garden Set or have a heartwarming reunion with long-time friends at a GARDEN STORY Landen 1+6 Outdoor Set or a SERENIAH 7PC Outdoor Dining / Garden Set


ALANA 2-Seater Garden Set


GARDEN STORY Landen 1+6 Outdoor Set


Likewise, keep your group protected from the warm sun with a shade from our BRUNTWOOD BIEGE BANANA UMBRELLA while you serve your ice-cold refreshments on our Kitchen Maestro Decorative Round Printed Trays!



Kitchen Maestro Decorative Round Printed Trays (BR22)


And, lastly, top it off with a backyard barbeque dinner by cooking on a state-of-the-art Outdoor LPG Type BBQ Grill with Side Table and serve those scrumptious and juicy meats on our DINNER ESSENTIAL Decorative Printed Dinnerware


Outdoor LPG Type BBQ Grill with Side Table


DINNER ESSENTIAL Decorative Printed Dinnerware Blue Leaf



One last thing you may want to add to your outdoor patio is a bit of greenery that will definitely bring an aura of earthly zen to the place! It is also the right opportunity to get in touch with your natural side, and who knows? Maybe you will become a plantito or plantita yourself!


Start off your green embellishing by choosing colorful pot sets that are as eye-catching as your chosen plants! For this, we recommend this Plastic Planter Pot and Tray Set that comes in pastel shades of white, pink, and blue! Then, arrange your plants of all sizes on one of our 3-tier plant shelves courtesy of GRAB & GO!


Plastic Planter Pot with Drainage Holes


 GRAB & GO Xyler III 4 Layer Plant Stand 100cm


And, finally, choose what type of garden you want to create for your patio, whether it may be a mini-farm or a flower garden, with seeds by Known You and Yates! 




YATES Flower Seeds Zinnia Lilliput


With these items, your home will surely have a place so warm and inviting for the summer! And if you’re feeling motivated by our recommendations, imagine what else you will get to discover when you shop now at AllHome, your one-stop shop for your home! Visit us at one of our branches nationwide, or go online at www.allhome.com.ph


And if that wasn’t enticing enough, we also have exciting promos and deals that are just as hot as the summer sun, so be sure to stay tuned for announcements and updates by liking, following, or subscribing to AllHome’s official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!


Lastly, turn your home into the place to be this summer with interior designs and items featured in our Summer Catalogue 2023, coming soon!


We hope to see you there! Thanks once again for reading! Until next time!

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