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How to Choose The Best Shower Enclosure For Your Bathroom

Aug 16, 2022

How to Choose The Best Shower Enclosure For Your Bathroom

More than just a place to cleanse yourself, the bathroom is another area besides the bedroom that provides a sense of solitary relief. Nothing matches the soothing relaxation of a bubbled bath in a tub or a warm shower whose water flows down your body. Regardless of how you bathe, we experience this enjoyable feeling best in privacy. Although we may do so with the convenience of shower curtains, it is not precisely the most secure choice. Worth mentioning, too, is how we cautiously have to keep our bathroom floors wet-free from bathtime to avoid slipping.

Hence, homeowners would install a shower enclosure, a convenient way to keep you and the bathroom spick and span while also attaining your deserved privacy. However, can all bathrooms have an enclosed shower? If yours could, what are the details you need to know when you plan to install one?

This article will answer these questions to help you choose a shower enclosure for your bathroom and teach you the proper steps in installing one.


Why have a shower enclosure?

There are perks to owning a shower enclosure besides merely giving the user privacy. Perhaps the most palpable one is the aesthetic appeal it adds to your bathroom’s appearance, thanks to an assortment and customizability of designs homeowners can choose. The glass panes characteristic of shower enclosures can vary from crystal-clear appearances to an opaque, frost-like look; the framing that holds the panes together can have customized handles or small decors.

Of course, it also serves some practical purposes. As mentioned from the beginning, wet floors post-showers can be a hassle to dry off. Hence, enclosures possess a watertight sealing quality that would keep the water at bay. Furthermore, as most shower enclosures come in tempered glass, they do not often sustain damage, making shower enclosures a low-maintenance item.


What you need to know before getting one

If these advantages have made you interested in getting one at the store, you might want to hold your horses. There are a handful of factors to consider before installing a shower enclosure for your home, and it begins by looking at the overall layout of your bathroom meticulously. 

First, and perhaps most obviously, is space. Shower enclosures can sometimes occupy a considerably large part of your bathroom. In a few cases, already existing bathrooms may not accommodate one. Therefore, check your blueprints for the dimensions of the space.

This brings us to the shape and size of the enclosure. Here are three of the many kinds of shower enclosures most commonly installed in homes.

  • The quadrant shower is among the most popular types and is most suitable in the corners of smaller bathrooms. Its most notable feature is its semi-circular sliding door.
  • Frameless enclosures go well with big and small bathrooms and exude an opulent vibe to the space.
  • Quadrilateral (square and rectangular) enclosures are similar to quadrant types, but instead of sliding doors, they come with push-and-pull ones, which make them more preferable for spacious bathrooms.


Lastly, there is the pricing. As a luxury item for some households, a shower enclosure does not always come cheap. When considering installing one, you have to think of the following that goes with calculating the budget: the plumbing of your bathroom, the size of the enclosure in relation to the space, additional accessories to install such as soap dispensers, and even the brand.  


How to install a shower enclosure

With all these things considered and assuming that you have purchased the enclosure of your choice, it’s time to install it into your bathroom. While this may depend on the type you have bought at the store, this entry will focus primarily on quadrant enclosures.

Before assembling, unbox the packaging and ensure that all parts are complete. You may check by using an instruction manual, which the supplier should include in the box for the assembler’s guidance.

The first part you will need to assemble is the shower tray. Place it on the corner where you plan to put your shower enclosure, and make sure the placement is not uneven using a spirit or bubble level. If necessary, install shower wall tiles, and stick the tray to the wall firmly using a water-resistant sealant. 

Now onto the framing, starting with the vertical brackets that will hold it together. Using tape and pencil, mark the points where you will screw the brackets to the wall (assuming there are already holes), and drill the holes. 

After screwing the brackets into position and firmly attaching them to the tray with sealant, separately assemble the shower enclosure frame by attaching the two glass panelings to the upper and lower horizontal brackets. Afterward, carefully place and screw this frame onto the vertical brackets. 

Lastly, for rolling glass doors, screw the top and bottom bearings into the given holes on the glass. Place the glass doors into the frame, starting from the top horizontal bracket to the bottom bracket. Then, fit in the magnetic seals and attach the handles, if included in the packaging. Check if the doors are aligned and parallel; otherwise, you can adjust this through the screw located at the top bearings.

To top it off, add sealants on the necessary edges where water can leak out.  


And this concludes our entry that we hope gave the optimal shower space you desire. However, if you wish to improve your bathing experience further, we have plenty of plumbing and bathroom-related items in store at AllHome, your one-stop shop for your home-related needs. Visit your nearest branch or visit www.allhome.com.ph for the convenience of online shopping!


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Once again, thank you for reading, and we’ll see each other again in our next entry.


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