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Items You Will Fall In Love With at AllHome

Feb 19, 2023

Items You Will Fall In Love With at AllHome

Whether you are constructing your dream home or making improvements and fixes for your residence, AllHome provides homeowners like you with what you need: furniture, appliances, hardware, and more! However, what truly makes our stores stand out amongst the rest are the items and brands you could not find anywhere else, and some of them may be the best discoveries you may stumble upon with any store across the country!


And that is what we will discuss in today’s new entry, featuring home items you may never hear of but guaranteed will be one you will place on your shopping list on your next visit!


GARETT Rice Cooker with Steamer

Cooking is a delightful activity where you can create and try out a variety of culinary flavors. That is, of course, if you are feeding family, friends, guests, or all of the above! With so much to consider, from the size of servings to cooking time, the chore may take the joy out of making and eating, but kitchen appliances from Garett put back the fun and convenience in your culinary work.

Are you having trouble cooking two or more meals at the same time? You won’t fret when you have this 10-cup capacity rice cooker that doubles as a steamer to open up a lot of possible recipes to try, especially healthy, oil-free meals!


GARETT GMRC10WHT Rice Cooker 10cups with Steamer


URBAN RELUXUR Elliot Corner Recliner 

Home is the perfect place to finally relax after those long hours of arduous, 9-to-5 work and bumper-to-bumper traffic! However, if you are not satisfied with laying down in bed or lounging on your living room sofa, then take it up the ante with a luxury recliner by URBAN RELUXUR! Now, you can enjoy binge-watching your favorite shows while laying back and relaxing in its comfy leather or cotton material!

However, getting one for yourself is easier said than done when you have friends or guests who wish to have a piece of that coziness! But, sharing is caring, and there is room for (almost) everybody with this multi-seater recliner!


URBAN RELUXUR Elliot Corner Recliner Grey


GRAB & GO Xyler III 4 Layer Plant Stand

In the hecticness of urban living, having a space for greenery is a welcoming sight to see in your home. In fact, psychological studies have shown that adding plants and nature to your living space leads to a positive change in one’s mental health. However, if you reside in a cramped space like an apartment or a condominium, owning a plant or two may be a luxury you cannot afford, or is it?

With organizers from GRAB & GO, space is a problem no more! While this brand may specialize in arranging items like coats, shoes, and umbrellas, this 4-layer plant is one special exception made for aspiring plantitos and plantitas like you!


GRAB & GO Xyler III 4 Layer Plant Stand 100cm


GARDEN STORY Meva Relax Chair

While the indoors may be comforting, it is also important to stay out in the sun for a while to catch those needed doses of vitamin D and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors! It’s especially true now that the warm summer season is closing in on us very soon. 

Have some summer snacks on your patio. Go for a swim at your outdoor pool. Lay on the grass of your home garden.

Now, those outdoor activities can become even more enjoyable with outdoor furniture by GARDEN STORY! For instance, you can soak in that summer sun and get that nice, brown tan when you sit back and relax on this garden lounger!


GARDEN STORY Meva Relax Chair Khaki


SNUGGLES Blanket Flannel Braided

Oftentimes, those fresh and pristine afternoons can put us in a drowsy trance, and before you know it, you are snuggled up in your living room sofa feeling well-rested after a long yet refreshing nap. On other occasions, during cold and cozy monsoon nights, we cover ourselves up in blankets to shield ourselves from those spine-tingling breezes.

Whichever the case, the blankets of SNUGGLES provide you with the added comfort you need to ensure that you get your eight hours of slumber or naptimes.

In addition, they also add a cute and pretty addition to your living space, such as this mustard-colored, braided flannel gorgeously covering your sofa or accent chairs!


SNUGGLES Blanket Flannel Braided 60″ x 90″ Mustard


These are just 5 of our items from our exclusive at-home brands, and you can discover more when you shop now at AllHome, your one-stop shop for your home! Visit us at your nearest branch or go to www.allhome.com.ph to explore the many items we can offer for your present or future address!


Furthermore, we have exciting promos and exclusive product features you don’t wanna miss on our official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, so be sure to like, follow, or subscribe!


Once again, thanks for reading, and see you again in our next blog entry!

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