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New Year, New Home: Best Home Changes for 2023

Dec 30, 2022

New Year, New Home: Best Home Changes for 2023

New Year, New Home: Best Home Changes for 2023


Now that the holidays are over, it’s time for another reason to continue the jubilation: the new year is coming! As many people would say: new year, new me. And nothing reflects that better than a home refreshed and ready for 2023! With so much to be done once the clock strikes midnight, these last few days of the year make the perfect opportunity to plan out your new and improved residence before executing them right away! 

In today’s article, we’re starting your 2023 with a home improvement game plan filled with helpful home tips and recommended items from our stores!


Out of Sight, Out of Mind

One way to start your home improvement plans for the new year is through de-cluttering and re-organizing. With so much happening this past year, from returning to on-site work to kids’ school projects, it might come as no surprise that your humble abode is full of items and documents begging for some much-needed rearranging. 

Hence, it’s best to recognize the things you’ll need to organize before you dive in to sort things out to avoid stress and confusion.

Begin with classifying two primary classifications: the stuff you’ll keep and the trash to throw away. In fact, there is a good chance that the things you wish to keep may not be quite valuable for you or your home in the long term, so be sure to consider this wisely.

Then, get into the nitty-gritty with sub-classifications of each of the two. Why do you plan to keep some of your chosen items? Do you need these for future work purposes? Are they essential government IDs (ex. birth certificates, SSS IDs, TIN numbers, etc.)? How about medical records for your future doctors’ appointments (i.e., Prescription receipts, diagnostician’s notes, etc.)? 

These are mere suggestions and may vary depending on your current living situation. For an easier arranging process, we like to recommend one of our gorgeous fabric drawers, quait in style but big in storage!


Fabric 5 Drawers Storage Dresser Organizer Unit 


Out With The Old and In With The New

New Year’s Day is all about new beginnings and being open to new changes. Some may say that the person you are from years past may not be the same person today. For many, change in character is inevitable, and you can see that in your personal living space, particularly your bedroom.

From covering your walls in posters during the adolescent years to setting up your own workspace in quarantine times, your room has witnessed lots of changes over the years, and with a 2023 right around the corner, ask yourself. How do you envision your space this year? 

Do you aim to be healthier and more proactive year? Go add a FLEXISPOT V9 All-In-One Desk Bike to your room, and get to work and work out all at the same time!


FLEXISPOT V9 All-In-One Desk Bike


How about becoming a more bibliophilic and literature-loving you? Collect as many novels as you can, and store them on this GRAB & GO emett bookcase!


GRAB & GO emett bookcase


Wanna finish your last year in college on a high note and attain honors? Get studying in a space that encourages productivity, like this Ode 3511CT Computer Table / Study Table!


Ode 3511CT Computer Table / Study Table

However you see yourself in 2023, know that this is your year, and all it takes is to have the confidence to own it!


Donning New Colors

And, for one final touch, your home may also use a fresh coat of paint to complement those new changes you have applied to your home! If anything, this change is quite necessary compared to the ones aforementioned in this entry. 

Depending on the type applied on your walls, your paint will wear off from the elements overtime. So, after a year or two of steamy, sunny days and cold, stormy nights, now would be the perfect time to give your house a more colorful and resilient coat! 

We have previously discussed the different types of paint and where they are most compatible in your home in a past article, but for this entry’s purposes, we will recommend one color that you can try out for your home for 2023!

Just recently, Pantone has recently announced that Viva Magenta will be the Color of the Year 2023. This color radiates a vibrantly strong energy that matches with the optimism of a new year. At home design, this may go well with your living room, where such a striking palette will awe anyone who visits. Likewise, you can also try it out in your entertainment room, for instance, where you can enjoy binge-watching against the backdrop of a vivaciously colored space!



With these three suggestions, we hope that we have provided you a clearer vision of your own 2023! How will you make this your year through your home? 

Well, you can find out when you come to AllHome, your one-stop shop for your home! Discover great finds that will elevate and improve your living experience! Shop now at any of our stores nationwide, or visit www.allhome.com.ph!

Additionally, we have exciting new content in the works, from brand new product showcases to celebrity vlogs, this upcoming 2023, so be sure to like, follow, or subscribe to our official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to stay updated for the latest AllHome content!

We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for next year! Thanks once again for reading, and Happy New Year from the AllHome community!

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