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Redecorate Your Homes with AllHome Pieces This Summer

Mar 30, 2023

Redecorate Your Homes with AllHome Pieces This Summer



There is no better time to redecorate your homes, and infuse the beauty of nature during summer.   Add warmth, texture, and interest to any space by using natural elements like greenery, foliage, and wood accents.

AllHome, the country’s pioneering full-line home center, offers a wide variety of natural decors that can give a refreshing look to your space.    AllHome has everything you need to create a natural and inviting space from furniture, beds, and accents such as planters,  vases, woven baskets,  and carpets.

Go for something rustic, bohemian, or the modern look.    Here are some simple tips from AllHome to help you decorate your home with natural elements this summer.



Choose the right plants

When selecting plants, consider the lighting and humidity levels in the room. Some plants, like snake plants and pothos, can thrive in low light which are easy to maintain. Others plants such as fiddle leaf figs and orchids, require more care and attention. You can also opt for faux plants if you don’t have a green thumb or prefer a low-maintenance option.


Use wood accents

Wood accents can add warmth and texture to a space. Consider incorporating wood furniture, like a coffee table or bookshelf, or smaller accents, like wooden picture frames or cutting boards. You can also mix and match different wood finishes for added interest.



Play with texture

In addition to wood, you can incorporate other natural texture like woven baskets, jute rugs, and linen curtains. The texture can add depth and visual interest to a space.


Consider the color palette

Natural elements like plants,  and wood tend to be neutral, so consider incorporating pops of color through accessories like throw pillows or artwork. This can help to break up the monotony and add visual effects.



Don’t overcrowd

While natural elements can add a lot of visual interest to a space, it’s important not to overcrowd. Too many plants or wood accents can make a space feel cluttered and overwhelming. Instead, opt for a few statement pieces and let them shine.

By incorporating these home-styling tips from AllHome, you can effectively bring the beauty of nature into your home this summer,  and create a warm and inviting space for you and your family.

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