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Setup Your Meditation Space At Home | AllHome.com.ph

Jul 19, 2021

After having a long hard day, what can be better than doing yoga or meditation to keep you calm and serene? Have you ever considered having a room in your home that will help you relax and serve as your zen? You don’t have to allot a new room for your relaxation needs. You can turn your bedroom or office into a meditation space by producing intentional design details. Take some ideas from our AllHome Tips to build your own meditation corner.

Be intentionally minimal

A disorganized room will clearly stress you out and distract you. If you want to turn your office into a meditation corner make sure that your stuff is not all over the place. When creating your meditation space, it has to feel like you. So, you may definitely want to include some of your own personal touches. This can be any smell, sound, or object that has meaning to you. You can also use a bluetooth speaker like Alphatech AT-BMN2 Boom Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker for a more immersive experience.

Using a fitness tracker is perfect for doing yoga and meditation! When you have a fitness tracker, such as Garmin Vivosmart 4 Rose Gold Merlot Smartwatch, you can monitor your stress levels and utilize the watch’s relaxation breathing timer as you do yoga or meditate.

Clean and Cozy 

Along with the first tip, moderation is key. It’s important that you keep your meditation corner clean and tidy. You want to make sure that there isn’t too much going on in your place. So it’s worth considering emptying out the room to contain only a few elements such as a table and a lamp. If you have extra space, you can also buy a yoga mat and creatively store it such as placing your mat inside a laundry hamper like EZ Spaces Metal with Canvass Liner Rowan Oval-shaped Hamper.

After all, you can have some place where you can sit comfortably. Give yourself some cozy things to lay on like Snuggles Polar Scalloped Blanket and 2-in-1 Travel Pillow/Blanket. You can also use your cushion such as SC Throw Pillow Filler or Lifestyle White Cotton Bolster Pillow to accompany your yoga positions.

Lighting sets the mood

Having natural lights in your room is ideal and can lower the level of your stress and anxiety. If you are near a window and the sunlight keeps irritating your eyes and you can’t focus clearly. AllHome recommends making a shade by hanging sheer curtains like Linens N’ Things Window Curtain Sheer Leaves Design or you may choose from a variety of designs here in AllHome’s Window Curtain & Blinds.

However, when your room lacks natural light, you may resort on finding light fixtures you can use such as an original Himalayan Salt Lamp where it is also believed that the warm and glowing light provides a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

Try Aromatherapy 

Aromatherapy may not be used as a substitute for one’s medical treatment, but no one can deny the health benefits it brings. Some experts believe that as we inhale essential oils, our smell receptors get activated. They send signals to our brain, notably the hypothalamus and amygdala, to secrete hormones like serotonin and endorphin which makes us happy and relaxed. Here are some aromatherapy products which you can buy online at AllHome:

Bring Nature Inside

It goes without saying that nature is very calming and healing. It’s only logical to incorporate some natural features into the space where you wish to unwind and meditate. After all, the majority of people think that yoga meditation is all about connecting your mind and body to nature and your environment. Though it would be preferable to meditate outside in a peaceful setting surrounded by trees, if you live in a bustling city like Manila, this is not always practical.

You can put your favorite plants in a flower pot like a Set of 4 Plastic BioPots on your shelves or on your desk. You can also purchase some shelves or a rack like a 6-layer Flower Stand & Plant Rack from AllHome if you have extra space in your room.

By taking what you have and investing on a few things for your space, you  can finally build your own relaxing corner. You don’t have to stress yourself out by obsessing over the aesthetics of your meditation space. The main purpose of yoga and meditation is to relieve tension and to calm your mind. Stressing out trying to perfect your meditation space is just not worth it.

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