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Tips for Decorating Your Home with Flowers and Floral Patterns

Mar 20, 2023

Tips for Decorating Your Home with Flowers and Floral Patterns


Contrary to what has been said in our previous articles, calling our current climate period “summer” is erroneous, at least from a scientific point of view. Our country, the Philippines, is located in a tropical region, meaning our climate here technically consists of two seasons: dry and wet. The popular term “summer” refers to one of the four seasons in temperate climates within Europe and North America. 

Nonetheless, we continue to use this term as the characteristics of the Philippines’ dry season are similar to the summers in the West. Currently, those regions are experiencing the season of spring, when the flowers and the trees bloom in bright and vivid colors. 

Such a colorfully beautiful season makes a nice inspiration for your home’s decoration, so for today’s new blog entry, we will offer tips and ways you can embellish your home in the style of a flowery springtime!



There are two ways you can try to fill your home with floral decorations.

The first is the more traditional route of having to plant and care for your own flowers. Here you can take this opportunity to become your home’s own horticultural botanist!

At AllHome, we offer a handful of flower seeds courtesy of KNOWN-YOU that aspiring gardeners like you can choose from, such as dahlias, zinnias, daisies, and more!




YATES Flower Seeds Zinnia Lilliput


YATES Flower Seeds Daisy Ever


Flowers and plants come in different species, each with a specific method of caring for and maintaining them, so be sure to check the instructions found usually at the back of the seed’s packaging. However, the general rules of gardening you need to know are simple: keep your plants regularly hydrated, provide them with ample amounts of sunlight during the day, and feed them nutritious fertilizer, among other steps. 

The second and more straightforward method you can do is to go for synthetic plastic flowers. Although they may not be authentic, one advantage is that require little to no maintenance when compared to caring for real flowers all while still achieving their purpose of beautifying your home! 

Fortunately, AllHome also hosts an abundance of such flowers, too, ranging from dancing ladies to lavenders of all shapes and sizes!


119cm Dancing Ladies Flower 34S106024


20cm Potted Lavender 58P115011



Now that you have chosen your flowers, whichever method you chose, it’s time to place them in their proper vases for display! But what is the ideal decorative vase for your plants? Well, they may depend on their form. 

While artisans and potters have created vases of varied and intricate shapes these days, their most common appearances still exist in markets and shops, each serving different purposes and possessing some advantages! We have cylindrical, column-shaped vases ideal for flowers with long stems. Then, there are the iconic hourglass figures that are most suitable for large blossoms. 

Regardless, it all depends on how it fits in with your room’s overall style, as well as your personal tastes! At AllHome, our decorative vases come in a wide range of designs, from modern minimalists to ceramic gold metals. Choose and see how well they can complement your home! 


Modern Minimalist Design Ceramic Vase BR054-057


Ceramic Gold Metal Vase BR109



For our final flower-themed design tip, add one final touch to your home with floral designs in your living spaces. For instance, you can turn your bedroom into a spring haven with comforters and bedsheets with pretty floral prints, such as the HOMETHREADS Comforter Flowers!


HOMETHREADS Comforter Flowers With Multiple Size Variations


Likewise, filling your walls with flower-themed artwork, such as these wall art canvasses, also adds a touch of spring-filled glee to the place!


Wall Art Canvass Flower Arrangement Design


Wall Art Canvass PR-Flowers 36X24


And, finally, have a garden-themed tea party with some of our ornamented teapots and cups by our in-house homeware brand ONAIDA! 


ONAIDA Handpainted Tea Pot Stylish


ONAIDA Handpainted Coffee Cup


With these tips, you can now bring the spring season right into your living space! Discover these items and so much more when you come to AllHome, your one-stop shop for your home! Enter our stores to explore many items that will turn your address into the ideal home of your dreams, from stylish furniture to delicate decor! 


Shop now at your nearest AllHome branch, or visit our website at www.allhome.com.ph

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And, lastly, catch the summer fever with inspiring interior designs you’ll see at our upcoming Summer Catalogue 2023! Grab a copy soon at your nearby branch!

Thanks again for reading! See you in our next blog entry!

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