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Ultimate Baby Essentials for your Nesting Phase w/ Saira Nepomuceno

Aug 23, 2022

Ultimate Baby Essentials for your Nesting Phase w/ Saira Nepomuceno

Ultimate Baby Essentials for your Nesting Phase


Several months ago, you and your spouse received the surprising news from your trusted obstetrician that you have conceived a child! Thoughts can run wild in your mind: excitement, anxiety, and vigilance, among others, and those feelings only grow as the days and months pass. Fast forward to the present day, and you have entered the nesting phase of your pregnancy. In other words, the baby (or babies) is coming, and it’s about time you prepare for the home where happy childhood memories can begin!

Like any new parent, you are probably wondering. What does a baby need in the early stages of life? What are the best items you need for a child to feel safe and carefree? Do no fret, for we at AllHome are here to assist you!

Today’s article will delve into these questions with product recommendations you can discover at our branches and online, wherever they may be available to you! And, perfect for the occasion, we have invited a special guest, architect Saira Nepomuceno, to one of our branches at Worldwide Corporate Center Shaw for additional guidance, as she was also expecting a child very soon during the video’s recording!

Click on the link here for the guided tour!


Keeping it Cool

It goes without saying that the Philippines is a hot and humid country, and the last thing your baby needs is to overheat from the excessive warmth of the tropical sun. You could use your trusty air conditioner, but that may be too expensive, and your baby may find it too cold for their liking. 

For a less costly appliance with just the right temperature, go for an electric fan, and Saira recommends this 3-speed Asahi DBX-100 Disney Box Fan, with features such as a 180-minute timer operator and an adjustable tilt. Besides protecting your infant from the searing temperatures of the country’s weather, it also comes in a cage to protect them from injury from the fan’s blades.

Comfort and safety are just what your child needs, both encompassed in this cute fan.


Sweet Dreams, Baby

Sleep is essential for a baby’s first few months. In fact, most babies would slumber for about 14 to 17 hours a day! Hence, you and your child need a bed where you can snuggle together in a deep, comforting slumber. 

Start by finding soft cushions and bedsheets such as these reversible quilts by SOHO Beddings. Not only are they perfect for a good night’s rest, but also come in light, neutral colors, an ideal way to not conform to traditional gender norms. This color characteristic is essential when your child grows older. While you’re at it, double the comfort with smooth-as-fur blankets by SNUGGLES Microfleece to keep each other nice and warm.

The next item you will need is window blinds to block the blinding daylight when the baby needs an afternoon nap. We recommend grabbing these blackout curtains by LINENS N’ THINGS. And as a bonus, blackout curtains are energy efficient for their insulating qualities and are effective in blocking out outside noise.


Making Room

With the introduction of a new family member, don’t be surprised to learn that you will need to store a lot of stuff, from clothing to toys! After all, when there’s a new kid around, playtime abounds! As such, both you and your kid will need a place where you can have fun times together while also keeping the room clean and clutter-free.

Think about how many items you will need to arrange and store for safekeeping. If it’s a lot, you need to have a large cabinetry, and we have an abundance of them at AllHome’s furniture section. Likewise, it is also best to organize the overall space of the room where your baby will be playing and sleeping with you. 


Once you have settled on your leisure area, we recommend adding a Grab and Go Xzan Kids Bamboo Dining Set at the center! Let your little tikes have fun with their favorite toy sets while you get to eat together or watch their favorite cartoons to cherish and nourish that parent-children bond you need!


These are just a few things we recommend that will make your nesting phase easier. Discover what else we have in store before you welcome the little one to the world! Shop now at AllHome, your one-stop shop for anything home, whether at your nearest branch or online at www.allhome.com.ph


Furthermore, more helpful tips, exciting deals, and fascinating product recommendations await you at AllHome’s official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, so don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe to keep yourself updated!


Lastly, a big congratulatory shoutout to Saira Nepomuceno and Raphael Mendoza as they welcome Maria Saira Nepomuceno Mendoza to the world!


Once again, thanks for reading and watching! Until next time!

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