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Why is Your Sofa Bed Best for Your Studio Unit?

Aug 19, 2022

Why is Your Sofa Bed Best for Your Studio Unit?


Homes come in various forms and shapes, from the gigantic mansions that awe us on TV to the tiny living space of a condominium unit. Regardless, the happiness of owning one for yourself comes down to not the size of your living space but how you make it, whether you can aspire to go big or keep things simple. But, this discussion isn’t only about making your home a place to enjoy. It is also about building your home with practicality and efficiency in mind, especially when it seems that a small living space can wear down your imagination. 

With limited space to work on, some questions are probably running through your mind. 

Will this be the best spot to place my furniture?

How do I fit in my workspace here?

Where can I get to sleep?

However, by working with the right people, you can solve them with ease, and, at AllHome, we would like to recommend an item that may be perfect for your small home: a sofa bed.

But what does it do? How does one go well with my home? What are the best things about owning one compared to getting a sizable bed? This article will answer your inquiries about the sofa bed and why it is the item you will need for your studio home.


What is a Sofa Bed?

As the name implies, this item is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can act as a living room sofa and a bed for sleeping. Although homeowners may use this more commonly as additional accommodation for guests, others, such as individual residents of small apartments and condominium units, own one when they cannot fit in a living room and bedroom in the same space.

How a sofa bed can change forms depends on the manufacturer’s engineering and design. The most affordable kinds are portable and are typically mass-produced by mattress manufacturers like URATEX. More rigid and durable one are often built with steel or wooden framing and are produced mostly by more exclusive, high-end brands. 

Regardless of where you will purchase one, they do share a lot of advantages to owning one for your small living space.


What are the perks of owning one?


Saving Space and Money

As previously mentioned from the beginning, having a foldable sofa bed is a great saver of home space and budget. Rather than buying a home with extra space or making way for you or your guests in an already cramped place, a sofa bed fulfills the purpose of adding both a sleeping and gathering space in one area without the need of sacrifices and compromises that may lessen your ideal living conditions.


Versatility is its Middle Name

Besides being purposeful, sofa beds possess a great level of both aesthetic and practical versatility. While most of them share a common form and structure, they come in a wide variety of appearances that can be tailor-made for your home’s overall vibe, so you can choose from any color and material you desire.

In addition, did you know that, in some models, sofa beds do not only serve their purpose of comfort? They may also come with additional storage space that you can find underneath the foldable cushions. That’s double the space-saving function!


What are the best spots to put it? 

Once you have bought yours, you are probably thinking about the most optimal spot to place your sofa bed. With the help of some Feng Shui knowledge, here are two criteria you need to take into account.

  • Keep foot traffic in mind. When entering, exiting, or roaming around your studio unit, having enough space to walk though without interruption is key. Try placing your sofa bed in a spot away on frequented pathways.
  • Search for balance. In a given living-slash-sleeping room, your sofa bed will visually be the biggest furniture and the first item that any homeowner or visitor would spot. It is best to place the sofa bed at the center where other items can be decorated around it. 

We have just given you the things you need to know about the sofa bed, and if we have convinced you to get one for yourself, the next course of action is to search for the store that sells one. If you have chosen AllHome, your one-stop shop for your home and renovation needs, you have come to the right place! 


Here, we offer a wide range of sofa beds of various brands and prices. You may invest in this Avant Sofa Bed, with its extra comfy and high-density foam and easy-to-fold features, or opt for a URATEX Sofa Bed, a comfortable and washable item for an affordable price. 

With so many brands and models to choose from, all it takes is to visit your nearest AllHome branch or visit www.allhome.com.ph to grab the sofa bed of your dreams and more!

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Thanks so much for reading! Now onto the next entry!

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