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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Living Room

Jun 15, 2022

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Living Room

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Living Room

Whether you are binge-watching your favorite Netflix series or coming together to watch your favorite films with family and friends, the living room is the perfect space that caters to your need for entertainment, be it in solitude or camaraderie. But what if you want to take things up a notch with your place of leisure? Do you need new furniture and decor to spruce things up, or how about new curtains and paint for a different and fresh vibe for your home? For this blog entry today, we will provide you with five eye-catching ways to level up your living space the next time you want to impress your visitors at the next get-together!


For Plantitos and Plantitas

Your living room may not be a garden, but you would be impressed by how a little greenery can go a long way. In fact, some research suggests that the green colors of nature may positively affect your mental health due to its association with calmness. Such vibes are suitable for your living room as it provides the solace and relaxation you deserve after long days of hard work. 

If you think so, too, check out these small decorative plants courtesy of ATHOME. Although synthetic in form, this collection of potted greenery still makes beautiful ornaments for the tables and cabinetry while still exuding that peaceful and soothing aura of Mother Nature!


Your Wall is a Canvass

At first sight, it may be a simple wall, but to others, it is a blank slate ready for many artistic possibilities. Why not do a quick paint job when you can make this the perfect opportunity to channel your inner artisan? Imagine adding images of vivid, orange sunsets whose rays scatter across the room or clear, blue skies riddled with gentle & fluffy clouds. If not natural views, why not a more cosmopolitan sight like city skyscrapers that glimmer in the night like a constellation of stars?

If these ideas inspire you, let these tools help you turn your creative visions into reality. Start light with our small bottles of multi-colored acrylic paint, and couple it with all-master paint brushes by Stanley, with bristles ranging from ¾ to 3 inches wide.

That said, there are other ways to decorate your wall if making your own art is not a passion you possess. At AllHome, we house a collection of wall art and decor that will complement your living room with much artsy zest, like this EMBOSS 3D Foam Wall Decor that will turn your blank, flat wall into a display of intricate patterns.

There are multiple ideas you can discover and experiment with on your wall, which you can read more about in our previous blog entry here.


Gathering Together

When you visit the living room of someone’s home, it’s the furniture you would spot at first sight, with a straightforward layout of the sofa and chairs facing the centerpiece table in the middle. Your living room is a place of congregation, so all guests and family members have to come together in one focal point. 

It is at the coffee table where people would gather to read a book or dine in for some snacks in collective frivolity. To top it off, it is also the artistic centerpiece of your living space. Therefore, the best coffee table for you must fulfill its functional and aesthetic purposes, and AllHome is happy to provide you with an array of coffee tables to choose.  

Here, you will find tables of unique shapes and forms, like this Ilsa Mcd-072J Coffee Table with its golden, twisted legs topped with a white marble countertop or this model by KREATIV with storage spaces for your magazines and other periodicals.


Sitting on The Throne

You may not be a real-life king and queen, but when you settle down on a grand chair, you can feel like the ruler of your own world. Overt exaggerations aside, a comfortable place to sit is a must-have for your living room. You may still opt for the classic accent chairs such as this upholstered Dapney Accent Chair with Stool, but what if you take the comfiness up the ante?

Nowadays, homeowners opt for a more holistic form of relaxation with the modern recliner, with its cushioned pads, adjustable headrests & footrests, and good back support. At AllHome, we pride ourselves in providing our customers world-renouned recliners courtesy of URBAN RELUXUR, where you can lounge in after a long day’s work instantly. In fact, bring a friend with you, relax together, and share a drink or two with this URBAN RELUXUR ANDALUSIA 2 seater recliner! Better enjoy a leisurable time with someone special.


Let There be Light

Last, and most certainly not the least, nothing screams grandiosity better than a living room brightly lit by a chandelier, especially one that immediately grabs your attention. (Well, not too much attention at least). Much like the coffee table, your lightpiece must fulfill both its functional and visual purposes. It must provide residents a good source of light to fill the room while also fit into the space’s overall aesthetic style.

At AllHome, we suggest two distinct designs by LITEPLUS for your chandelier. This crystal chandelier is perfect for a living room design with traditionality and class in mind whereas this golden piece suits best for spaces that embrace modernity and opulence.


And there you have it! These are just five ways to spice things up with your living room, but we bet that there are more ideas that you can do when you visit AllHome and find inspiration with our collection of home items!


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