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Upgrade Your Bedroom With a PHP5,000 Budget

Jun 13, 2022

Upgrade Your Bedroom With a PHP5,000 Budget

Upgrade Your Bedroom With a PHP5,000 Budget


Your bedroom is quite possibly the most malleable and flexible part of your home. As your own room for comfort and privacy, it is your most personal space and is open to the creative possibilities of your liking! There are two things, however, that limits it: your imagination and budget. As with any home renovation, pulling off an impressive transformation of your bedroom is no picnic. But, what if we tell you that you can manifest the bedroom of your dreams at a modest budget of PHP 5,000? Here at AllHome, we offer an illustrious collection of home items, and you may be surprised by how much you can choose from with that budget!


Bedroom linen

Perhaps the most significant yet modest change that you can apply to your bedroom would be the linens that cover your mattress. Yes, they do bring the added comfort you need for a good night’s rest, but they are also a palpable part of expressing your individuality, as well as the vibrancy of your home. 


While looking through your closest, one thing you may notice is the lack of palette variety with your bed sheets and linen. If you think that it’s time to level up, AllHome is here to assist you with items courtesy of MODERN LINEN! Check out these comforters made out of soft microfibers that you can claim for as low as 700 to 800 pesos! Furthermore, they come with amazing print variations, from Anna to Michelle to Reed to Harlow!


Lastly, with the many options to choose from, you are probably looking for criteria in picking the right one for you. Well, here are a few suggestions we have in mind: 

  • How soft do you want your bed to be?
  • What type of fabric do you find most suitable for you?
  • What design print best expresses you?


Of course, the answers are all subjective, but they make great guides for your bed linen shopping needs!



Another aspect of your bedroom that should also make a good first impression are the colors of your walls. Much like your bedroom linens, the palette that covers your space brings out the character that may say something about you and your residence. In fact, some may say that your favorite colors can tell a lot about your inherent personality.


If the walls of your room happen to be fading in color or if you have lost favor with the color of your room, then it is a sign to give them a much needed facelift! We have previously covered topics about painting in two of our blog entries, from knowing what are the right colors to choose to understanding the different types of paint.


In summary, factors to keep an eye on when picking the appropriate color of your paint include the furniture and items that will contrast the walls, the overall function and usage of the room itself, and the lighting.


One paint type most suitable for bedrooms is antimicrobial coating such as Davies Bio-fresh+, perfect for those with severe dust allergies to dust and molds


On average, one bucket of paint would cost approximately PHP 400-700, depending on the brand and type.


Wall Décor

Of course, coloring your walls is not enough to give them a lively appearance. An additional and simpler way to accentuate and make consummate the beauty of your room is to decorate it with different forms of decor, from a gallery of paintings to decorative sculptures. At AllHome, we have an array of ornamentations that will help in exuding the aura you may be searching for your bedroom.


One item you can use to make your interior space feel complete is a piece of wall art such as this PHP 1403.75 canvas that lets you see the world in a perspective of your own choosing, from New York to Paris. For those who wish for less grandeur, there are smaller but still aesthetic choices like this art piece of a winter wonderland that you can get at just PHP199.88.


If you don’t fancy paintings or photography, however, other viable options are there to explore. In fact, you can learn about the multiple ways you can decorate your walls by checking out our previous blog entry.



There is more to a window curtain than just a mode of privacy or a way to better slumber. With the right eye for design and beauty, a curtain’s tones can contrast to the rest of the room’s lighter palette and can even accentuate the space’s aesthetic qualities. By combining functionality and eye-catching appeal, curtains are a must-have in your bedrooms, and at AllHome, our curtains are provided by Home Threads and Linens N’ Things!


Pick from a variety of monochromatic designs, from red to choco to green, all for a discounted price of PHP 487.34 per piece! If not, why not go for more eccentric patterns of leaves, weaves, or flowery for prices ranging from PHP 449.75 to PHP 749.75?


And these are just a few items you can choose from to bring a new and refreshing look for your place of solitude and peace. One last piece of advice we want to give you in your pursuits is to find and strike a balance: go for more, but also try less. Don’t let too much get in the way of your sleep, but also add a little personal flavor to your slice of privacy!


Finding the right items for your living spaces takes a little inspiration and an eye for a bargain, so come and shop at AllHome or visit www.allhome.com.ph to discover what you can do to with the many possibilities in store!


In addition, more exciting deals and promos are likely coming to your nearest branch, so stay updated by following and subscribing to our official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!


See you once again in the next blog entry! Until next time!

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